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Employee Performance Management
Benchmark Testing

Employee Performance Management is the key
to business success.

Employee Performance Management

"I highly recommend The Estes Group to any business or individual who wants to improve their relationships and results."


Edward Terrell
Vice President of Operations
NewSouth Communications


Fortune 500 companies and small businesses agree these are three of their major concerns:

  • Hiring superior performers

  • Retaining superior performers

  • Developing their organizational skills

To improve profitability and achieve total customer satisfaction, your company must excel at internal customer service first.  Your employees are the lifeblood of your business and we're here to help you get and keep the right people.

Follow these 7 steps to achieve superior employee performance management, whether you're a large corporation or small business.

Employee Performance Management eBook


Building High Performance Teams
7 Steps to Success

Step 1
Critical Success Factor:
Executive Leadership Development

Our executive coaching services and leadership development consulting  begin from the top down.  First, we conduct an executive coaching session with your leadership team. They meet first as a group and later in triads, as each executive meets with the CEO and facilitator to compare their behavioral style and personal values assessments. Through this leadership coaching program they will develop stronger and more effective team communication skills.  After going through our executive leadership and development program, one executive told us, "It has allowed us to come together as a team, respecting the unique talents of each founder and utilizing those talents to our greatest advantage." 

Step 2
 Job Benchmark Testing

The goal here is to help you improve employee morale and increase retention by first benchmarking your jobs, not the people in those jobs.  Our unique, patented human resource benchmarking process and benchmark software give you a clear picture of the Key Accountabilities, Personal Skills, Behaviors, and Motivators of a specific position. Let the JOB talk, and listen carefully.

Before you continue reading, look at this 4-minute video to see how job benchmarking works and why it's the important first step in the successful management of a diverse workforce:

Job Benchmarking Video

Read Annette's Internet article on job benchmarking

Get more information on job benchmarking

Step 3
Improve Employee Morale and Retention
with a Benchmark Assessment

The next step is to give your current employees a DISC assessment and attitudes/values (motivators) assessment and compare the results to the Workplace Behaviors™ and Jobs Energizing People Profile™ you completed during the job benchmarking process.

Your managers will use these assessments for:

  • Employee coaching

  • Human resource development

  • Doing a job performance review

  • Meeting the objectives of your employee performance evaluation programs

  • Building a high performance team

In addition, it's important that you make job benchmarking a strategic part of your hiring policy.  Match all job applicants to the job benchmarking assessments and your hiring practices will improve exponentially.  As Jim Collins says in his book, Good to Great, "People are not your most important asset.  The right people are."

Make this knowledge and experience part of your company culture and you will reduce your average cost of employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

"Because of your services, we have made better decisions, managed our new employees better, and saved our company a lot of money by matching the right people with the right opportunities."

                                                                                                Jere Davis
                                                          Vice President of Finance and Administration
                                                                              Del-Tec Packaging, Inc.

Step 4
Diversity Training
Improve Communication Skill 

By diversity we mean understanding your people's unique behavioral styles and personal values.  One of the most important team building exercises for your employees is to use their DISC assessment and their personal values assessment Workplace Motivators.  to put together your Team Manual. 

Your small group communication will improve as your team members learn effective communication skills based on how each person wants to be treated.  Our training is interactive and fun, but most importantly will foster understanding between team members they've never experienced before. If you've been wondering how to build rapport at your company, this might be the answer.

Step 5
Business Leadership Coaching

We follow up training with a series of group coaching sessions to keep everyone on track and measure their results.  Group coaching is done on either your speaker phone or a free conference call.

In addition, individual members of your team who want to achieve more personal change and growth and begin improving personal productivity can have private one on one coaching on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Step 6
Facilitator Training

Our goal is to train your staff to conduct these workshops once they've been through the training.  In your executive coaching session, we'll begin facilitation skills training for your human resource manager on understanding each person's personal values and DISC assessment.  In the next session, we train your managers with your human resources specialist assisting.  Your trainer then does the workshop for the next group with our assistance.  From here on, you're ready to conduct the training in house.  We have all the support materials you need to do that.

Step 7
Leadership Skill Development

We offer a unique mentor/protégé Leadership Development Program based on five skills proven leaders have mastered.  Your employees will be guided by their mentors to master these skills:

  • Influencing others

  • Personal accountability

  • Self-management

  • Goal achievement

  • Interpersonal skills

Your managers and staff will gain a deeper understanding of how to relate to each other as individuals.  Our employee assessments have specific instructions on motivating and managing employees.  You can see sample reports here.

Read more comments about our business consulting services from our client satisfaction surveys.

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Our programs, processes, and assessments will meet your needs in the areas of:

Employee Recruiting
Employee Retention
Building High Performance Teams
Executive Leadership Skills
Presentation Skill Training and Coaching



We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in corporate team building, employee recruiting, business leadership coaching, and meeting the objectives of your performance appraisal system.  

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