Job Benchmarking
What Your Company Needs To Make It's Next Great Hire

Target Training International's new  Workplace Behaviors™ and Jobs Energizing People Profiles,™ offered through The Estes Group, are individual benchmarking tools that you can use to improve recruiting, developing, managing, and retaining your best employees.

What Is Job Benchmarking?

What talents does a job require for superior performance? Only the JOB has the answer; so let the job talk and listen carefully. Many companies will benchmark their top performers to determine how to hire more people like them.  But this process involves bias, personality contests, and unknown variables that may or may not be important to the position. Our unique, patented process benchmarks the position, not the people in the position.  This process lets you determine the Key Accountabilities, Personal Skills, Behaviors, and Motivators of a specific job.

Why Is Job Benchmarking Important?

Why is it important to benchmark jobs instead of people?  Because people are complex and bring many things to the workplace, which can't always be discovered through assessments, analysis, and a job interview.  When your company focuses on the job and how it will be done, you'll have more clarity about what you're looking for in a person to fill that position. Let the Job Talk!

Workplace Behaviors Benchmarking Assessment
(Measures DISC behaviors required to fit the job)

The Workplace Behaviors DISC-based job assessment is a superior benchmarking product that identifies the behaviors needed to do the job.  It is also designed to indicate unrealistic expectations of the job.  Especially in today’s environment, the goal of “doing more with fewer resources” often causes us to define a job in a way that requires someone to be all things to all people.  This new job assessment is designed to alert you when the benchmark results require an employee with high percentages of a particular  behavior style.  As we know, a job in sales requires a very different behavioral style and skills set than a job in accounting.

Jobs Energizing People Profile
(Measures Personal Values required to fit the job)

As the first-ever individual values job assessment, the Jobs Energizing People Profile provides a closely defined benchmark that identifies job motivators.  The new values assessment also incorporates another aspect of motivators on the job by measuring the values rewarded by the company’s culture in addition to the job itself.  For example, if the company supports and encourages community service activities and builds it into the culture of the company, yet the job does not require these actions, a higher social score will appear in the job assessment results.

Let the JOB talk!

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