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 "Taking the Behaviors and Motivators Report has helped me tremendously both in my work and personal life. I learned which behaviors and motivators contribute positively to my business, as well as how to modify or adjust behaviors to help me be more effective in my career. Annette provided many useful insights that will help me when working with different personality types. I would recommend Annette's coaching and assessment tools to anyone who would like to take their professional or personal life to the next level!"

Audrey Arledge, Realtor
Charlie O. Wolfe, Inc.

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Leaders and Future Leaders...

  • If you could be personally responsible for making and saving your company significant amounts of money, what would that mean for you?

  • Did you know the qualities of a good leader include a particular set of values and beliefs?

  • Have you mastered the five soft skills you need to become a successful leader?

  • If you and your team had a clearer understanding of your jobs, would you all be more productive?

  • How would this understanding affect your company's  bottom-line, team synergy, morale, and hiring process?

You know that the key to having a successful, profitable business depends upon hiring, developing, and retaining the right people.  Companies must get and keep superior performers in every position. Are you a superior performer? To be a superior performer you must develop your leadership skills, whatever your position in the company. This is also true of solopreneurs.

Do you know the key accountabilities for your position?  How are you held accountable?  How do you hold your direct reports accountable? 

If your job could talk, which of your skills would be identified as most important and which would be identified as a detriment?  Who truly understands your position?  Who should truly understand your position? 

If your superiors had a clearer understanding of your job, could you be more productive?

If you had a written report that would identify your job strengths, tell people how you want to be treated, show your value to the organization, demonstrate why you are a valuable part of the team, and show you why certain areas of your job may be causing you stress would that be helpful to you? You bet!


I'm very excited to be able to offer you a FREE Behavior and Attitude assessment. This assessments is developed by Target Training, Intl., the world leader in business and personal assessments.  The Estes Group uses TTI's assessments exclusively because, frankly, they are the best.  They are accurate and have been validated by years of research, experience, and application. This assessment sells for $185.00 - but you get it at no cost by clicking here:

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Now you have the chance to see for yourself how powerful assessments can be to help you perform at a higher level and help those you manage do the same.  And it won't cost you anything.  All you have to do is go online and complete the questionnaire for your free report. It will take you about 20 minutes.  Then you will also get a complimentary consultation with Annette Estes, a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst for 15 years.  Annette will go through your reports with you to show you how you can be even more productive, influential, and valuable to your company.  And how you can be happier and more fulfilled in your job.


If you're a manager, these reports will help you manage and motivate others in ways you may not even be aware of yet. 

  • What if you had a "people manual" that would tell you exactly how to manage, motivate, and more effectively communicate with each of your direct reports to coach and mentor them to become superior performers?
  • What type of retention program do you have in place to retain your best people?
  • What type of performance management program do you have in place for your employees?
  • If you and your employees had a clearer understanding of your positions, would you be more productive?
  • How would this understanding affect your bottom-line, team synergy, morale, and your hiring process?


This is an offer you shouldn't refuse.  If you've ever thought of using business assessments, or if you're using them now and are not getting the results you expected, you want to take advantage of this free offer valued at nearly $400.00.

You owe it to yourself and your company to have this powerful information that can lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, higher profits, better hiring and retention practices, and improved company morale.

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