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Human Resources Articles
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Below are some of many articles I've written, which have appeared in print publications and on the Internet.

You have permission to use these articles in your publications (both on and off line) providing you print them in full, with copyright and complete author's bio. Please include all links and make sure they are active if published online.

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(All article links below open in new windows and most require Adobe Acrobat to view.)

Human Resource Articles

ADHD and ADD Symptoms Are Normal Behavior

What is Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient?

How to Improve Profitability and Employee ProductivityStatistics

How to Find Your Passion

How to Deal with Difficult People

Top 10 Ways to Have Freedom from Fear

A Leadership Development Program to Master Five Critical Skills

Why People Feel the Way They Do

Personal Improvement Plan: Eliminate these Seven Deadly Habits

10 Tips for Giving Powerful, Professional Presentations

I Need Help Deciding What Career to Choose


  What Makes a Good Leader?
  Leadership Qualities - Characteristics of Leadership
  Executive Leadership Skills - Leadership Quotes

Interpersonal Conflict - Resolving Conflict by Understanding Personal Values

Employee Retention - Benchmark Your Jobs, Not Your People

Managing Human Resource: Improving Your People Skill Part I

Managing Human Resource: Improving Your People Skill Part II


Behavior Based Safety Articles

Stop Aggressive Driving Before it Starts

Behavior Based Safety - The Missing Step that Ensures Success

Driver Safety Training − How To Make it Stick

Driver Safety - Behavior Plays a Vital Role

"D" Is for Don't Hire this Driver

"I" Is for the Interactive Driver

"S" Is for the Safe Driver                                                          

"C" Is for the Cautious Driver

Driver Safety - Values Are Important

How To Manage the Hot-Tempered Driver

How To Manage the Interactive Driver

How to Hire and Keep Steady, Reliable Drivers

How to Hire and Retain Cautious, Compliant Drivers

Fleet Safety − 5 Steps To Hiring Safe Drivers

Fleet Management System − Managing the Know-it-All Driver

Fleet Safety − Managing the Utilitarian Driver

Fleet Management System − How To Manage the High Aesthetic Driver

Fleet Management System − Managing the Selfless Driver

Fleet Management System − Managing the Controlling Driver

Fleet Management System − Managing the Traditional Driver



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