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The Estes Group offers the following business consulting services. We specialize in corporate team building, behavior based safety solutions, relationship compatibility, and presentation skill training. Discover corporate communication best practices for successful management of a diverse workforce and a more supportive organizational climate.

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Behavior Based Safety for transportation, construction, and manufacturing companies Compliance management and training made easy with our fleet management software and employee screening services. A fleet management solution to lower your SafeStat score with our fleet management services.

Business Leadership Coaching Achieve personal growth success, raise low self esteem, get better at dealing with difficult people, and develop good leadership skills with our successful coaching.

Diversity in the Workplace Build effective team communication skills and find solutions to barriers of communication with our team building workshops. Discover what behaviors to measure for collaborative teamwork and decrease conflict in the workplace.

Employee Recruiting, Employee Retention Reduce the average cost of employee turnover and improve your business productivity factors with our unique human resource staffing practices and benchmark software.  Productivity depends on the job design.  If your action plan for productivity improvement includes our employee satisfaction surveys, you will improve employee motivation, attitude and behavior.

Personal Life Coaching In personal life coaching, the focus is on what you want and holding you accountable for taking the action you determine is important for your professional and personal success.

Presentation Skill Training and Coaching Presentation skill training and media coaching for executives, managers, employees and individuals who need to improve their business presentation skill.  A class on effective presentations with an expert presentation coach. The five minute presentation will increase your public speaking confidence.

Professional Development Consultants Your team members will improve their communication skills, organizational skills, conflict resolution skills, and team morale with our powerful human resource and skill development process.

Relationship Compatibility Develop your conflict resolution skill to dissolve any behavior problem and achieve more happiness and personal growth.

Small Business Consulting    Develop more effective team communication skills and reach the objectives of your performance appraisal system with our human resource benchmarking process and small group management software.  A human resource strategic plan that guarantees more successful management of a diverse workforce and increased employee retention.  Reduce the average cost of employee turnover.