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Behavioral Testing
Corporate Team Building

Our team building training is based on behavioral testing of your employees to determine their unique behavioral styles and attitudes/motivators.

Team Building Workshop
Attitude and Behavior

Everyone understands the importance of communication in an organization, yet few have mastered good communication skills.  The Estes Group offers teamwork training that will have a positive impact on your employees' attitudes and behaviors by helping them develop more effective team communication skills.

After completing our diversity training workshop, your team will:

  • Understand and adapt to each other

  • Reduce personal conflicts

  • Respect each other's strengths and limitations

  • Improve communication skills

  • Begin to work together as a high performing team

Over time, you will see improvements in personal and team productivity, organizational conflict, and employee morale.

Attitude and Behavior Workshop

Our team-building workshop begins with participants completing their Behavior and Motivators Report™, which measures their unique behavioral styles and attitudes. 

An employee's workplace attitude is strongly influenced by their personal values.  This report shows what motivates and drives each person on the team.  Diverse values can cause some of the worst conflict in the workplace, and in the world. 

Behavioral style determines how the person does the job

Values determine what motivates him or her to do the job

After completing this workshop, your team members will better understand their differences and will improve their conflict resolution skills.  And your managers will have a team manual that tells them how to manage and motivate each employee to bring out the best in them.

All of our workshops are interactive and include workbooks, handouts, and other materials to give your team a dynamic experience that will improve team communication and relationship compatibility.

This workshop is part of a human resource strategic plan we offer our clients.  Click to get information on our 7 Steps to Building High Performance Teams.

In addition to our corporate team building workshops, we offer a class on effective presentations.  Click for info on our Presentation Skill Training.

Read comments from our Client Satisfaction Surveys

For expert information on ways to improve a relationship, get Annette's ebook, Why Can't You See It My Way? Resolving Values Conflicts at Work and Home.

Annette also gives 20-minute to one-hour presentations on these topics:

"From Can't Stand to Understand
Dealing with People who Drive You Nuts."

"Why Can't You See It My Way?
Understanding the Impact of Values on Performance

"10 P's of Personable, Professional Presentations"

“Annette was the highlight of our meeting for Cadillac managers in the Standards for Excellence process. They enjoyed learning about themselves and the personality types of their employees and/or customers and prospects. Annette presented material in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. We also appreciated that she offered follow up information and coaching to each of the participants. Annette is a qualified coach and a good presenter of her materials.”

Barbara Turino, SFE Facilitator

“Annette spoke at North Greenville Rotary Club in April of this year. Her topic "Why Can't You See It My Way" was very well received. One member came to me after the meeting and said her topic was the best this year. I think Annette also gained a new client from her presentation. I would very much recommend her as being on your speaker's list.”

Terry Drake, General Manager, The Mackey Mortuary

"I have had the pleasure of hearing presentations by Annette Estes of The Estes Group on several occasions. On one occasion I scheduled her myself for the Simpsonville Rotary. Her presentations held the audience’s attention and developed a good response. The most recent presentation was on discipline and behavior and was again well received. I recommend her if you are considering a speaker on any of the subjects on which she makes presentations. I believe you will be very happy you chose her."

Bob Harrison, Simpsonville Rotary


We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in corporate team building, employee recruiting, business leadership coaching, and meeting the objectives of your performance appraisal system.  

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