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Employee Hiring
Job Benchmarking


"People are not your most important asset. 
 The right people are."

                            Jim Collins, Good to Great



Most hiring consultant firms are missing a huge key factor to your company's success.  Like us, they believe hiring the right people is the most important thing your company can do; they recommend using pre-employment assessments and behavioral interviewing. 

But they don't do or recommend Job Benchmarking.  This is where we can get you better results at, frankly, a fraction of what the big firms charge you.

A study by Michigan State University showed that job interviewing is only 14% accurate. Putting the wrong people in the job can cost your company more than their salaries when you consider how much it costs to find, recruit, train, and pay one person.

"The closest to perfection a person comes is when he fills out a job application."
Stanley J. Randall

You cannot determine how a person will perform in the position during a job interview no matter how much the candidate impresses you.  The solution is our unique, patented Job Benchmarking process, in which you benchmark your jobs, not the people in those jobs. 

Then, using our assessments, you measure the attitudes, behaviors, and task quotients of your current employees and job applicants and match them to the job benchmark assessment.

Let us show you how you can out perform your competition by hiring the best people in your industry.  Our process doesn't stop there.  We also show you how to retain the superior performers we'll help you hire.

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people.  At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.
                                                              Larry Bossidy,
Chairman and CEO
                                                                             Honeywell International Inc.

Below you can see samples of some of our assessments that will help you design a successful hiring plan and find ways to motivate employees so they will stay with your company.

Our reports are easy and fast to complete; response time is 15-20 minutes. They are done online and delivered to you in an email attachment immediately upon completion.

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Employee Recruiting

If your hiring policy includes behavioral interviewing, job benchmarking and our employee screening services, you will reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction. 

Target Training International's Job Benchmarking Assessments
for Hiring Superior Performers

TTI Fit Job
TTI Fit Talent
TTI Fit Job/Talent Comparison
Behavior and Motivators Coaching Report

Our Job Fit assessment not only shows you the ideal behaviors, motivators, and task quotient a job requires for superior performance, it also gives you specific job-related questions to ask during a behavioral based interview.  Behavioral interview questions must be specific to a particular job to be in compliance with EEOC guidelines.

Employee Retention
Employee Coaching

Employee retention studies show that putting the right person in the right job and managing employees by measuring and understanding their behaviors and motivators will increase employee satisfaction and retention and reduce your average cost of employee turnover. 

Behavior and Motivators Report


Action Plan for Productivity Improvement

Often, productivity depends on the job design.  Our Job Benchmarking process will give you clarity in designing each job to improve employee motivation and morale.

We also have a variety of other employee assessments for specific areas such as Customer Service, Team Building, Time Management, etc. We will be happy to provide samples of these upon request.

Our performance needs assessment process, developed by Target Training International has proven accuracy, validity, and reliability. 

Legalities of Using TTI’s Assessments


Validation for purposes of the EEOC law is the technical process whereby the employer defends the use of a selection device, or a standard demonstrates a very close relationship between performance against the standard and performance on the job.

A company may not use any selection device or standard that has an adverse impact on the protected group. The protected group is usually a minority person, a female, or a person over the age of forty. But it can be anyone.

Our Behavioral and the Values Instruments are developed by Target Training International, Ltd. The instruments and assessments have never been challenged by the EEOC. The Behavioral Instrument was first used in 1959.

EEOC legislation was aimed at employers who administered tests that were not job related or who discriminated against a protected group. For example, giving a math test to keep someone from being hired as a police officer was deemed not job related and therefore, illegal.

The Behavioral and Values instruments are job related. It is relatively easy to determine if they are job related. Simply test your top performers with the bottom performers in a particular job. There will be a difference in 99% of all jobs for which performance criteria has been developed.

The use of TTI’s assessments will remove human bias and truly provide the documentation required to prove a bona fide business necessity. The use of proper instruments will reduce or eliminate the risk of EEOC complaints.

EEOC information ©1993-2005. Behavioral-Values Research Associates, Ltd.