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Executive Action Briefings

The Executive 1:1 Action Briefing is a customized personal and professional development process for your CEO and Executive Team. You will come away from this process with a deeper understanding of yourselves and each other in three critical arenas:

  • How you act
  • Why you are motivated to act
  • The impact of your actions on others

The process begins with two important tools to assist you in developing a personal action plan for increased effectiveness: Your Executive Behavioral Style Analysis report and your Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values report.

Executive Triads

After company executives have completed the Executive 1:1 Action Briefing, each is brought together individually with the CEO for the Executive Action Triad, a process that results in a clearer understanding of what each wants and needs to be successful.  You will identify areas of possible misunderstanding and at the end of the session will begin to work more effectively together for your own and the company's mutual benefit.

The result is better teamwork, the elimination of personal conflicts, and achievement of personal and company goals.  By understanding how and why each person takes action, you have the information to achieve win/win scenarios.

Executive Coaching

The final step in the process is regular one-on-one coaching, which accelerates your executives' professional development and growth, making all of you even more valuable to the company. Your team may also have group coaching over the telephone at regular intervals to keep you on track and celebrate your successes.

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