Wouldn't you rather just run your business or department without
having to deal with difficult employees or those who aren't performing?


We all know the key to business success is hiring and retaining the right people − as Jim Collins puts it in his book, Good to Great, "getting the right people on the bus."

And that's why we're here - to help you hire, develop, and retain the right people.

The Estes Group can help you:

  • Hire superior performers for every job in your company

  • Reduce turnover and retain your best people

  • Improve your hiring process

  • Improve your management practices

  • Build high performing teams

  • Improve employee morale and job satisfaction

  • Improve profitability and productivity

With our unique, patented Job Benchmarking process, you will accomplish these results and more.


Contact us:

  • IF you're not hiring the best people in your industry

  • IF you want to reduce turnover and retain your best employees

  • IF you want to increase your bottom line by getting superior performers and cutting your cost of hiring.

Remember, your time is better spent on running your business, NOT in dealing with all the headaches caused by poor performers.

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To your success,

Annette Estes
Certified Professional Behavioral
and Values Analyst

P.S. It's sad but true...many businesses have needlessly spent tremendous amounts of time and money because they hired the wrong people. 

It doesn't have to be like that.  Just let us help.  And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg....It's far less than you probably spend on recruiting and training one new employee.

P.P.S.  Our Job Benchmarking process and assessments will help you hire the right person every time.  Guaranteed. See what some of our clients say below.

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Raving Fans

"I want to express our appreciation for your assistance in our hiring process over many years. The profiles that your company provides for the evaluation of employee candidates have been incredibly accurate and beneficial. Because of your services, we have made better decisions, managed our new employees better, and saved our company a lot of money by matching the right people with the right opportunities. Thank you for being a valued partner in our success."

Jere Davis
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Del-Tec Packaging, Inc.

"The behavioral testing has given us insight on the applicants' true beliefs and actions rather than finding out later. The bottom line is that it has helped us lower accident cost. "

Clifton Parker
G & P Trucking, Inc.


"You have had a significant impact on our hiring of safe drivers and reducing driver turnover."

Ben Harmon
Safety Director
G & P Trucking, Inc.


I found the Job Benchmarking process with Annette enjoyable and enlightening. Sitting around a conference room table with 5 people and Annette being 3700 miles away, she was able to coach and support the process of discovering and identifying key employee accountabilities, behavioural styles, and motivators. I would recommend Annette and the process she facilitates to anyone looking to identify specific talents  in prospective employees.”

                                                                  Frank Garrett, CRSP
                                        Health, Safety & Environmental Manager
                                                          GLBH Corporate Services, Calgary, AB


"We are having a great deal of success using the sales, management, and pre-hire evaluations which we purchased from you. We are using them to match the right applicant with the right job opening, making adjustments in the structure and make-up of our departmental teams based on the collective personalities of the team members, and for coaching our current employees. Thank you for introducing us to TTI's DISC assessments. They are the best predictor of performance we have ever used."

Larry Bonorato
General Manager
Saturn of Savannah


“Brains on Fire has used your Management-Staff survey for many, many years during the recruitment process.  It helps us to understand the candidate's strengths and frankly gives us a way to dig deep and ask more relevant questions. We also use the survey during our goal setting and review process."

Robbin Phillips, President, Brains on Fire Advertising

“Taking the Behaviors and Motivators Report has helped me tremendously both in my work and personal life.  I learned which behaviors and motivators contribute positively to my business, as well as how to modify or adjust behaviors to help me be more effective in my career.  Annette provided many useful insights that will help me when working with different personality types. I recommend Annette’s coaching and assessment tools to anyone who would like to take their professional or personal life to the next level!”

Audrey Arledge
Charlie O. Wolfe, Inc.

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